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Hello blog family!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA I’ve been so busy with school I didn’t even realize where the time went. So as of late I’ve been daily vlogging over on my youtube channel and I’ve been really loving it.

So this weekend was Halloween and it was interesting, to say the least.  On Friday my friends and I had a light dress up moment (we all wore black, slicked our hair back and said we were vampires) I had a great night of people asking me “What are you?!!?!”  My response, “I’m a mouse, duh.” *Mean Girls reference* lmao.

 But this post is all about what I wore that night.

love y’all thanks for reading xx

choker-ARE YOU AM I


jean jacket- mines from nasty gal but its sold out. check out this jacket from TOPSHOP

shoes- comme des garcons x converse

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