In the midst of my first year of blogging here on haute cat-ture, I realized that I didn’t want to be your average blogger. Through bouts of insecurity and self doubt, I finally understood my real purpose for running this blog, to be my genuine self. Nobody wants to follow someone who seems completely fake, and that’s how I was presenting myself in the past. I’m now ready to be a different kind of fashion & lifestyle blogger, one who is absolutely and positively real with their readers, no Facetune, no faking. My new motto for this blog is where fashion & fat coexist, because no one is as perfect as their social media presence makes them out to be, we all have imperfections and should embrace them instead of editing them out. I’m hoping, that because I am finally accepting myself, flaws and all, I can help our social media generation do so as well; even if it is just one person. We all deserve to love our true, authentic self, so from now on, here I am no filters, no Facetune.

Use the hashtag #FuckFacetune to show  your authentic, beautiful self, and maybe we can start a movement of  acceptance and self love.



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