You don’t have to fit the mold…

Over the past year I’ve gone through beyond one of the hardest times in my life and what I’m calling my millennial life crisis (my definition of this is pretty much being 20 and not knowing your purpose and freaking out about what to do with your life). A multitude of changes and events in my life, plus the pressures of social media have had a huge impact on my life in that last year. Ever since Instagram became a huge part of my life, things just got weird for me and led me to a really depressed state. About a year ago, in the midst of my depression, I started this fashion blog to have a creative outlet and help me get my mind off of things, plus, I’m obsessed with fashion. In the beginning I was just posting on my website and being proud of my work without sharing with my Instagram followers and needing acceptance from others, but when I started using my personal Instagram to promote my blog it turned into an unhealthy way to express myself. After starting to look up to fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni and Rumi Neely who seemed close to perfect in their body shapes, personal styles, and Instagram aesthetics, I felt the need to perfect myself as well. I felt that if I wasn’t put out there on social media as the perfect version of myself would never see success like their’s in my mind. I didn’t see the harm that it was doing quite yet, but In March of this year I deleted my Instagram. I felt like I was putting out a fake image of myself that I couldn’t live up to in real life. I only posted photos of the coolest shit I did and if I had one pimple or god forbid some cellulite, I face-tuned the shit out of myself. I know what you’re probably thinking, this is normal for our generation right? Sadly, yes, and because of this social norm, I felt like I couldn’t match or even come close to my Instagram self. Let’s be real, no one can relate to someone who seems perfect, because hi, we are all imperfect beings! I turned into this sad person who hated herself because not only could I not compare to the likes of the Kendall Jenner’s and Gigi Hadid’s of the world, but I felt that I couldn’t even compare to my own Instagram persona. I’m done with hating myself for not fitting the mold of society’s idea of perfection. Since starting my new Instagram account I’ve never edited my photos and it feels so good, but sure, sometimes I still get insecure about not looking perfect, but this is all part of the journey of self acceptance and love. I’m sure that if I’m going through this pressure to be perfect, I know there must be millions of people just like me suffering. All I want to do is to take part in changing this. I want this blog to be a place where you can come and hangout with a girl who loves fashion AND is going through life as a 20-year-old with the pressures of this day and age. I want to be someone that you can relate to and to so you know you’re not alone. Not only do I want to be there for you angels, but hopefully in the process we help our generation change for the better. The fashion world and whatever size you are, can work no matter what anyone says.  And if people want to judge me for being so open and honest that’s fine because I’m done hiding :)

Fashion & Fat coexist



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